Premium and Premier Bank Accounts

a look at slightly more high end bank accounts.

These accounts tend to get very mixed press, whether they are much good for you depends on two things, 1.Which of the "free" services you make sure of and 2. How much you pay for the premium account.

Before we talk about what these accounts offer in details lets address these points.

  1. If you make sure of the services offered and end up saving £20 a month on average and the account is costing you £10 a month then in theory your making a saving overall and the account could work for you. However work this out and think about it very carefully, make sure you don't just get sold the account in the bank. If you don't travel much then don't be duped into the fact that they offer free travel insurance for you and your family!
  2. How much you pay for the premium account is also key, the cost for these accounts differs from bank to bank (as you would expect), however the costs will also vary within the bank. For example, if you phone up and ask for a premium account they will say sure its going to cost you £15 a month. However you can sometimes call up and get the account for free, that's right it is quite possible to get one for free, you just have to convince them its in their interest to do this.

Its also worth baring in mind that some banks wont give your their premium accounts unless you earn a certain amount per year or have a certain amount in assets.

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