Bank Accounts

a look at the different types of bank accounts available

There are two main types of bank accounts, one for the day to day management of your finances (e.g paying bills and access to day to day money), the second type of account is an account for your savings.

In this section of the site we will give you an overview of each type of account with links to more detailed information on the accounts. Savings account will be a whole new section as the choice of savings accounts on offer is vast).

There are many different types of accounts offered for the day to day management of your money depending on what level of service you are looking for. The 3 main accounts are basic bank accounts , current accounts & premium accounts. Premium accounts are basicly current accounts, with extra bells, whistles and services included, however they are not free and you have to pay a monthly fee. You then have 3 slightly more specialised accounts which are : Student accounts, graduate accounts & Children's accounts

Basic Bank Account

Basic bank accounts are the most basic type of bank account and are good if you are unable to get a current account, are worried about going overdrawn or don't want a cheque book or debit card of any kind.

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Current Account

A Current account is probably the most common type of bank account in the UK for managing your day to day finances. It offers the same as a basic bank account, but with extra benefits such as cheque book, debit card, overdraft, etc.

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Premium Bank Accounts

Premium bank accounts work the same as current accounts, but with lots more extra benefits, these benefits may include: higher interest on money left in the account, interest free overdraft, free travel insurance. The accounts do incur a monthly fee though, so beware!

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