Basic Bank Accounts

a look at the most simple bank account

Basic bank accounts are the most basic type of bank account (as the name suggests), they will give you somewhere you can have money paid in , withdraw cash and give you the means to pay bills via direct debit.

Other than that the account is fairly limited, not offering you debit cards, cheque books etc.

What does a basic bank account offer?

  • Somewhere to receive money (wages, pension, benefits, etc)
  • Pay in cheques and cash (free)
  • Pay bills via direct debit
  • Withdraw cash from cash machines

What is typically not included in a basic bank account?

  • Debit card. (Some accounts offer this but many don't.)
  • Overdraft (many accounts wont let you go overdraw at all, and if they do it will only be a small buffer of £10-£20)

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